Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Track: Domestication (Feat John Zerzan)

Domestication (Feat John Zerzan)
Beautiful Radiant Things
170BPM (and multiples thereof) 4/4

Features samples of an interview with John Zerzan conducted by by Adam Ford, 7-18-2014 (available archive.org/details/JohnZerzanD…anshumanismAdamFord). All Linux production, mostly Ardour and Audacity, plug-ins include those by Calf, Invada, Guitarix and Steve Harris. Whether you choose to use a technology or not, healthy skepticism and distrust are a good idea. Everything is political. Don't kid yourself.

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Shuaib Meacham said...

Love the complex rhythms and tensions behind the statements and especially love how the tensions explode at the end after the extended explanation of control and the way it ultimately breaks down the well being of the social structure. Loved the track