Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Track: Peafowl Are Native To Asia And Africa

190 BPM, 4/4.  Features samples from a 1950's Sherlock Holmes TV show and Radio Aporee (http://aporee.org/) recordings made at Vojanovy sady in Prague (milos@skolsk), City Hall Park in New York City (Flavien Gillié) and behind the Wollankstraße in Berlin (Fritz Schlüter).  "Peacock" refers only to the male bird.  The female is a peahen.  Collectively they are peafowl.  This is an all Linux production centered on Ardour (http://ardour.org/).  Plugins included Calf Envelope Filter, Calf 12 Band Equalizer, Sorcer, amsynth, Invada Tube Distortion and Steve Harris's Gate.

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