Saturday, May 9, 2015

When Casio Releases a "Real" Smartwatch It Will Totally Rock

When people talk about Apple's competition the names that come up are Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Amazon, Dell, Hewlett Packard, maybe Adobe and maybe some other smartphone manufacturers.  In the rapidly maturing smartwatch market it might be somebody totally different.  According to watch expert Ariel Adams the company that could sell millions of smartwatches, whenever they feel like trying, is Casio.

In an article on A Blog To Watch called What Features Should A Casio Smartwatch Have?, Adams makes a strong case that Casio has the expertise, resources and (as we say in the computer business) "installed base" to sell about as many smartwatches as they want.  Interestingly, Adams explains how they can do this without announcing their "entry into the smartwatch market."  Rather, they just need to make their current products marginally smarter.  Some of their current watches are not exactly stupid and they certainly know how to make shit people want to wear on their wrist.

"Casio may not have a product ecosystem like Apple or a serious operating system like Google, but they have a lot of things that those other companies don't. Casio knows better than pretty much everyone else out there how to create a fantastic looking and high quality watch for a very low price. Casio also knows how to make watches that consumers like to use, and that are comfortable. More so, Casio knows how to create a highly functional digital watch with features people actually use and displays that people understand."
Read the full article for a lot more detail and analysis.

Ariel Adams founded, which covers everything of interest to the watch enthusiast.  He also writes about luxury watches for other outlets and hosts the Hourtime Podcast with John Biggs, author of Marie Antoinette’s Watch, among many other things.

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