Sunday, April 19, 2015

Drag And Drop File Import in Ardour 4.0

This is one of those ease of use things isn't THAT important but really does improve one's quality of life a little bit.

From the "Additions and Changes: Editing" section of the Ardour 4.0 release announcement:

  • Drop zone: regions, selections and file drag-and-dropped to this area below all other tracks will create new tracks
*brief touchdown dance*
 Yes, you can now import an audio file into Ardour 4.0 by dragging the file from your desktop or file manager into the editor window. A new track will be created at the bottom, as if you had used File: Import.

...and here are the screen caps to prove it.

I tested it with LMDE/Cinamon/Nemo.  There were no caveats about this feature in the release announcement, so I expect it to work with other file managers and desktop environments that follow the major Linux desktop standards.


Domain said...

Actually you could do drag-n-drop before, since Ardour 2.x. The new feature here is that you can use it to create new tracks, not just new regions in existing tracks.

DJ Dual Core said...

Thanks for clarifying that. I must have been using an unsupported configuration when I tried it previously.

I also like having it create a new track. That's usually what I want.