Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Luppp Looping Demo With Severed Fifth Samples

This is a quick screen recording of me playing with Luppp (from Open AV)
 using some loops I made from Severed Fifth samples. I threw this together
while preparing for my talk about Luppp at Ohio Linux Fest 2014 (October 
24-26, Columbus--registered yet?).

There are a number of other, arguably much more informative, videos about Luppp
on YouTube, but here are a few interesting facts about this first one of mine.

1. It is recorded in a virtual machine. For some time I thought serious audio
work in VMs was a dead end. After all, how could a technology based on
preemption ever get latency down to an acceptable level? Well, here's your
evidence. I don't know why it works, but it does. Granted, you probably
don't want to do live overdubbing this way, but playback and manipulation
(while screencasting) obviously work.

The reason I did this in a virtual machine is that I can't get screen recording
to work right in my laptop's native LMDE install. This screencast was recorded
in Ubuntu Studio in a VirtualBox VM on top of LMDE. The screen recorder is
SimpleScreenRecorder.  I have to say Ubuntu Studio is not Debian-like enough
for my taste, but I can't argue with the fact that this, you know, worked.

2. I posted another video yesterday, recorded with RecordMyDesktop, only to
take it down when I realized the audio was from the computer's mic, not the
output of Luppp.  That was embarrassing and frustrating...as was finding NO
way to fix it.  Everybody but me seems to love that app.  I think the problem
may be as simple as SimpleScreenRecorder having better JACK support, but
I don't really know.

3. Why Severed Fifth? Well, because I met Jono Bacon once and something about
him screamed "Sample me." Besides his well known ties to the Free Software
world, there is the fact that all of the music he has released as Severed Fifth is
available under Creative Commons licenses (CC-By-SA and CC-By-NC-SA).
That makes this sort of sampling nice and legal. My recording, above, is
CC-By-NC-SA, to comply with Severed Fifth's license.

I honestly don't remember HOW I got some of these sounds out of Severed Fifth
recordings, only that I did.

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