Sunday, May 25, 2014

Six Years Of The Mac Book Air

There has been a sudden spike in hits on a post on this blog from six years ago titled The Mac Book Air Has No Wired Ethernet.  That's right.  I was writing about the MacBook Air six years ago, and, apparently, somebody finds what I said about it at the time worth linking to now.

A lot has changed since the MBA was introduced.  When it was firs announced it was a premium product amid Apple's line of premium laptops.  The first MBA owners were paying extra to have the thinnest laptop on the block, if not in the world.  I'm not just talking about the MBA's relatively high introductory price.  They also took a big hit in display specs and processor performance.

Since then the price of the MacBook Air has only ever gone down, to where now it is no more overpriced than any other Apple computer, which is to say, only about 30% higher than it's specs would warrant, as opposed to more than double that price, where it started out.  Remember, the original was so under-powered it was more like an unusually attractive netbook, not the first draft of an Ultrabook. Now that price and performance have leveled out the MBA is Apple's "budget" or "value" laptop, having replaced the MacBook.

Lots of features pioneered by the MBA are now standard for all Mac laptops.  As of today, non-replaceable batteries, solid state drives, non-up-gradable memory, mini-DisplayPort/Thunderbolt ports and slimmer-than-you-would-think-possible cases are the standard.  Likewise, no Mac laptop is currently available with on-board wired Ethernet or an optical drive.  On the other hand, even the MBA now has more than one USB port--another thing Apple didn't get right with the original MBA, along with price and performance.

Enough reverie.  I will now go back to my policy of NOT giving Apple, a company I like and respect less with each passing day, free advertising.

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