Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Linux Mint 15 Runs Great On My New Laptop

The developers of Linux Mint have done it again.  Honestly, I don't know how long 15 has been out, but I just installed it on my new laptop and Team Mint have nailed it, again.  Even

I've been using Debian at work so that was the first GNU/Linux distribution I tried on my new machine.  It was OK, but I had some video driver problems.  I couldn't get the color depth up where I wanted it.  I won't drag you through the ordeal, but just let me say Debian worked, but I just couldn't get the sharp corners rounded off.

After a comical attempt to switch from Debian Stable to Debian Unstable I tried OpenSuSE.  I probably could have gotten it to work but something went wrong in the maze of boot menus and loaders (machine shipped with secure EFI) and I lever actually got logged in.

Mint works.*  That's their thing.  They aren't for everybody.  They aren't wall-to-wall free.  But their install process is slicker than snake snot and chances are you will have a working system at the end.

Tip O the hat.

* I did need to spend a little time with Synaptic to get my sound working.

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