Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Open Letter to Governor Branstad--Pearson or Prison

Dear Governor Branstad,

I want to congratulate you on opening my eyes with your veto of building funds for Iowa's public universities.  Not only do I now know who is in charge here in Iowa, and what his priorities are, I know I need to get my life back on track.  I've been wasting my time working at the University of Northern Iowa since 1997 and I realize now that I need to get a job someplace that matters.

In looking for work with an organization worthy of the support of the State of Iowa I need your advice.  Where should I start my new, more significant, career, Pearson or prison?

NCS Pearson is well positioned to sell distance education materials and other private education services as the Regents' schools hemorrhage undergraduates under your leadership.  On the other hand, our increasingly uneducated population will continue to accelerate Iowa's booming prison industry, so I have a good shot at landing a job as a guard, right?  My options are dizzying!

I await your reply of a poorly worded form letter denying the obvious and spuriously claiming that you represent and serve all Iowans.

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