Friday, March 1, 2013

Negative Soundcloud Comment Reminds Me of Of One of My Best Tracks

One of the things I like about Soundcloud is that, in my experience anyway, people are pretty positive.  After years of using Soundcloud I finally got a negative comment last week.  It was in German, so I had to Google Translate it, but sure enough.  Somebody who speaks German was expressing disbelief that my track, Deny Them Access To Your Soul, could be anything other than a tragic musical accident.

Strange music, like satire, inherently invites misunderstanding.  I am never, ever surprised or offended when people don't like my electronic music.  Last year I performed at a very small open mic, mostly attended by people I knew.  In the front row were two people I didn't know who never looked up from their smart phones the whole time I played.  I think they were embarrased for me and didn't want to risk eye contact.

I thought it was funny.  After all, it must be the quintessential 21st Century way of averting one's eyes.   Still, I felt bad for making them uncomfortable.  How could they know that I knew exactly what I was doing and why most people wouldn't like it?  I suppose I could have prefaced my set with that statement, but I thought it was more important to explain the music a little bit.  So, I shared a few details about what people were about to hear (musical "grains," where the spoken words came from) giving the music some context, even if people didn't like it. I guess it wasn't enough for those two.

After seeing my negative Soundcloud comment I went back and listened to Deny Them Access To Your Soul for the first time in several months.  I think it is one of the better pieces I have done in recent years.  At 282 beats per minute, with mixed odd-time and common time, micro-editing and plenty of noise, it perfectly encapsulates what I wanted to explore about those musical elements.  Not only am I quite happy with it, I don't know that I can improve on it.  For what I was trying to do, it's really nearly perfect.

So, for those who have not had the pleasure yet, here it is--my definitive statement on microsonic, poly-rhythmic power noise.

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