Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Different Use Of The Name Digilog

Look at the top right of the record covers, above James Brown's name.  It says "DIG-A-LOG."

You may have seen my previous post about digalog, a partially digital process for cassette tape duplication.  Here, dig-a-log is a packaging concept.  Take classic (or at least old) recordings and sell the vinyl LP and CD together.

These were at Half Price Books in Cedar Rapids.  I saw Chuck Berry and James Brown titles packaged this way.  I suppose it is just another take on offering digital downloads along with a physical purchase.  Maybe that's appropriate for an age when people are ambivalent about formats.  I just thought it was odd that the same word, digalog, turned up again.  
Is it still a neologism if it is pronounced the same and based on the same, partial, pun?  Digalog.  Dig-a-log?  Di-g-a-l-og?

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