Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Few Favorite Music Related Quotes

He was wrong about any number of things but he had integrity.

"There's no need for anyone to understand what lives in my heart, if in fact such an organ exists. Secondly, in contemporary terms, I think that it is a despicable thing to do, to earn your living by sharing your personal inner turmoil with somebody else for money. I don't like those kinds of singer-songwriter types who are always weeping about the tragedy in their life. I mean, why? Who needs it? Everybody else has got theirs."  Frank Zappa on the lack of "sharing his heart" in his music, 1989 interview with Terry Gross

At some point irony becomes insincerity and sort of wears out.

"I've not done a single piece of music in the last, oh lets say 10 years that wasn't totally sarcastic and posture driven. I am ready to give some of that up. I've been so obsessed with deconstructing music that I have forgotten much of what is most powerful and interesting about music. Its just too easy to criticize culture, and receive praise, while not actually giving back anything of value."  J Lesser, SH Zine interview, 2002

Sometimes is's not about pleasing people.

Always go when you are not wanted first… there’s more to achieve.” -John Lydon

Remember that it's all about people.

"It’s like a fire, and it burns, and it burns, and it burns, and it burns, and that sounds like kind of a romantic idea, until you realize, what’s keeping the fire alive, are bodies." -Pete Townshend

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