Sunday, December 25, 2011

Making: Being Blocked: 2011

I've been blocked for months. From summer until now I have produced almost no music. I've only posed a few things to my blogs. I barely use Google Plus. My e-mail traffic is even down.

As 2011 grinds to it's confusing conclusion I'm going to share a quick idea about Making and call it a year.

The usual excuse for not creating, making or doing is that we lack the knowledge or skill. If we do not believe we can do it well we tend to not try to do it. But what if that weren't the standard? What if mediocrity were the goal?

My motivation for my guitar mods has never been a "superior instrument" in terms of aesthetics, tone or craftsmanship. It has always been features like range/register, simpler electronics or scale. Thus, a playable (not excellent) instrument with those characteristics is a success. Excellence, if I want to focus on that, can come later.

If one wants to be free the quality of that freedom is paramount, but the tools of achieving it need only work. If I grow my own basil, rather than buying it from a supermarket chain, does it matter whether or not it is exemplary basil, or just that it tastes like fresh basil? If it is really important to me to have excellent, not just fresh, basil I am free to work toward better crops in the future.

A coworker complained recently that mediocrity and low expectations are a real problem in our workplace. He's right. He's also talking about a group of professionals who are supposed to be experts in our fields. Making is typically non-expert, non-professional and often experimental. The standards and motivations are entirely different.

When it comes to Making it is better to just wade in.

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