Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More MIDI Controllers

I don't like to think of myself as demanding. After my debut live performance as
DJ Dual Core at the Des Moines Social Club I concluded that the two
MIDI controllers I had used weren't sufficient. No big surprise; I'm new to performing electronic music live. Adjustments were expected.

I had used an Emu XBoard 25 and a Korg MicroKontrol. I used the keys to launch clips. The knobs and sliders controlled the mixer and a few effect parameters. I ran out of everything. Even with all of those keys I had a few samples I triggered with the mouse. I didn't come close to having the control of the mixer and effects I wanted.

I have added an Evolution UC33E and a Behringer BCN44 to my rig...sort of. I can still only connect two controllers at a time to my performance netbook. I just eBayed an 8-port MIDI interface, so hopefully later this week I'll be running all four at once.

I still don't have enough.

The live (both live and Live, as in Ableton) set I am currently working with has less than a dozen samples in it, currently. This will grow, but it won't approach the many dozens in my other set. Thus, launching clips isn't the problem. I'm running fewer channels in the mixer. Mixer control isn't the problem either.

The problem is that there are not enough knobs and sliders to give me the control over my effects that I want, even with the 33 contributed by the UC33E. It is used up by Audio Damage's Kombinant and two instances of Ableton Live's Simple Delay and channel volume.

Maybe excess of a kind is what my music is actually about. In that way, perhaps this problem is fitting.

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