Monday, April 26, 2010

Time Stretching In Ardour-Linux Audio

Forcing a recording of one speed to play at another speed without changing pitch is a basic feature of audio software these days. Ableton Live calls it "warping" but the more general term is "stretching" or "time stretching."

In Ardour there is a dedicated mouse tool for it. The button button is the one selected in this screen shot.

Then (how could this be any easier?) you grab one end or the other of the region (AKA, clip) you want to stretch and drag it to the desired length.

You will then be asked which algorithm you would like it to use for stretch. As with the stretching systems in other DAWs Ardour offers algorithms optimised for non-pitched percussion, pitched instruments, etc. If you choose one and are not happy with the results un-do and try a different one.

Nothing would make me happier than writing a long, involved article on this topic that makes me sound really smart but it really is this simple. I got what I wanted on the first try so I don't even have any trial and error to report.

I have just one comment: Because I have the grid set to "No Grid" I get EXACTLY what I ask for, not just in terms of placing regions but also stretching them. Ardour does not automatically pull the region to the next quantization point or beat if the grid is set to "No Grid". If you want help making things even with beats and bars set the grid to "Magnetic."

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