Friday, March 19, 2010

21 Linux Music and Audio Production Resources

The series I'm writing about music production on Linux (and other alternative OSs) is mostly reviews, focused on what I can get to work in relatively short order. What software is available, updates, new releases and what those products are intended to do is covered elsewhere. Here are some links that cover those topics and other more general Linux music and audio matters. Some are frequently updated with fresh information. Some are lists of links of varying freshness.

Linux Audio Blog

ALSA Applications (alsa-project .org)

Wikipedia: List of Linux Audio Software

SourceForge "linux audio" Search

SourceForge "linux music" Search

SourceForge "linux midi" Search

SourceForge "bsd music" Search

Linux Music Production .com

Linux Sound .org

Sound & MIDI Software For Linux

Hitsquad Shareware Music Machine: Linux

Linux Audio Developers

Linux Audio Users Guide

How to Build a [Linux] Recording Studio for Less Than $1000

Dave Phillips's Blog at Linux Journal (music & audio content circa 2007)

29 Music-making Apps for Linux (

Music-Linux Blog ("Linux music and other such stuff")

Linux Rock Star Blog (most content from 2006, 2007)

42 of the Best Free Linux Audio Software (sic)

Linux Journal: Audio/Video

Top 10 Linux Distributions for Audio Production (Softpedia, 2007)

Linux Audio Bundles and Distributions (Linux Audio .org)

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