Monday, February 8, 2010

Linux Music Production Distro Note: 64Studio Problems

If you read yesterday's post you know I was very happy with the VMWare Fusion OS integration I got with AV Linux. It's cousin, 64 Studio...not so much. I can't get VMWare Tools installed because GCC and my kernel headers are MIA.

Just run apt-get to install said headers, you say? Nice idea, but it's a non-standard kernel. WTF is the package called?

Run uname -r and get your kernel's name, you say? Ya, tried that too. I put the output of uname -r in apt-get and received the equivalent of "the number you have dialed doesn't exist and you suck!"

If I can't share files back and forth this is a non-starter and you need VMWare Tools for guest/host folder sharing. I need a better reason than "this distro may contain cool software" to fight with stuff like this all night.

If you can help e-mail djdualcore at google's e-mail service .com. In the absence of a breakthrough on this I'm moving on to the next distro. It's 2010 and if your Linux distribution isn't virtualization friendly you're screwing yourself and any potential users you might like to have. Seriously.

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