Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Death-rattle Of The Big Label System: "Tommy Boy" Silverman vs. TuneCore's Jeff Price

I suppose we can argue about what counts as an act or artist "breaking through" is, but I'm not sure that matters. Below is a link to a blog featuring TuneCore founder Jeff Price's side of a dispute with Tommy Silverman, music industry veteran and founder of Tommy Boy.

How people use Nielsen to hurt musicians

Read it for yourself. I have just a couple of comments, some of which I have written about here before.

1) Bad music is a necessary precursor of good music. If we want more good music we need more people making more bad music. If easy, inexpensive distribution encourages musicians to produce we should all get behind it.

2) In the future a "big hit," if we continue to think in those terms, will be tens of thousands of sales, not millions, but more people will have "big hits."

DJ Dual Core's Law: Given a critical mass of bad musicians one or more good musicians will be created.

Its corollary: Given a critical mass of MP3 files, one or more will not suck.

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