Thursday, September 24, 2009

Microsoft Campaign Encourages Windows 7 Themed House Parties

I believed it. Then I didn't believe it. Then I did some research. Now I do not believe. I know.

Microsoft, one of the most humorless and generally least-fun companies in the history of computing (second, perhaps, to Novell before they bought SuSE) is sponsoring an event on and providing--get this--training materials on how to throw your own Windows 7 launch party.

Any of you who work in IT may have noticed that Microsoft seems slightly less evil of late. Windows 7 appears to be an unquestionable improvement over Vista, Internet Explorer is safer to use than in the recent past and it's been years since they have made unilateral changes to the global DNS network.

Microsoft could give up evil entirely, devote the whole corporation to using their considerable powers exclusively for good...and this would still be a dumb idea.

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