Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Remix of DJ Dual Core Track "Three"

I decided to do one final reworking of "Three," from Where Old Mix Tapes Go To Die. This is the "Noise Version." The inverse of the "Piano Version," this mix emphasizes and adds to the noise from the original and has much of the piano removed.

Just in case you are curious where this stuff comes from, here is a screen shot from Logic Express, where most of the heavy lifting for all three versions of this song were done. This shows all of my mixer channels. One difference from when I was actually working on the song is that channels 10 and 11 had samples piped in from Ableton Live via ReWire. In the original version of "Three" the spoken word samples came in via ReWire as well.

Yes, I am still using Logic Express 7. Increasingly I do most of my work in Live so I have not seen the need to upgrade.

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