Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Calvin Harris performance: Sexism and Music

Computer Music magazine, one of a number of good British electronic music publications, recently blogged this about a Calvin Harris performance.

Calvin Harris had something more that technological innovation on his mind when he performed. . .using what can most accurately be described as a workstation keyboard made out of young model types.

So, bikini clad MIDI trigger-women: harmless fun, or synth sexism? And to ask a slightly less facetious question, why aren’t more women tweaking the knobs themselves? []

The CM post included a YouTube link for the performance. I have not watched it and probably won't. What I find interesting is not that some performer may have done something tasteless (and possibly very expensive, if they are all models) but that somebody at CM has their head OUT of the sand and sees that sexism persists and thrives in modern music.

Look at the adds in the music magazines or check who the humans are behind most any list of electronic acts. Electronic music, which ought to be progressive and inclusive, is totally dominated by white men. Again the world is deprived of the music women have to offer.

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