Monday, April 6, 2009

New Microsoft "Laptop Hunters" Adds Are Good For Mac Users

I'm a Mac user. I have been for a long time and I probably will be for a long time. I think it's sad that we still have a significant population of Mac zealots who can't accept some of the basic facts about Apple and the Macintosh.

Mary Joe Foley of ZDNet writes yesterday that in light of Microsoft's "Laptop Hunters" adds

"many Apple enthusiasts are rushing to point out that Macs are still cooler than PCs. With Macs, you get iLife! You get fewer security problems! (Hmm. Maybe not.) If you just add $100 (or more) to your Mac purchase price, you could match the HP machine!"
How can there still be Mac users who don't realize that, on average, we pay more to have a Mac? There is no shame in that, assuming you do it knowingly. I suppose there are people who have been using Macs since 1990 and buy them out of habit but I think a computer is still a big enough purchase that most people think about it. If the difference in price is worth it to you so you can have iLife, the Mac GUI, the UNIX command line, Apple industrial design, etc., buy a Mac and God be with you. If those things are worth less than $300 (or whatever the oranges-to-oranges differential is) don't buy a Mac. Certainly, don't buy a Mac then be defensive about it.

If the cost of a Mac bothers you, that's a clue. Maybe you should buy a PC.

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