Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Apple Tablet/Netbook: Something To Get Excited About

Most Apple product leaks, rumors or announcements don't get much more than an "Oh. Cool," out of me. This could actually generate a little excitement.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reports on evidence Apple is planning a larger-than-iPhone touch-screen device.

Axiotron has been modding Mac laptops into tablets (their Modbook, Modbook Pro lines) with Wacom digitizers and extending OS X with their own tablet/pen/touch software for years. This is great and I hope they keep doing it. Apple, on the other hand, has the resources to fill the gap between the iPhone/iPod Touch class of hand held device and a full scale laptop with something uniquely functional.

When one thinks about a netbook/UMPC class of machine it is clearly something more than a PDA/smartphone and less than a laptop. Apple has shown they know what to do with a touch screen on a small device. They have shown they can make a great laptop. Now they appear to be buying touch sensitive LCD panels. If they have a netbook sized tablet of some kind in the pipe it almost has to be really good. Whether it is more MacBook derived or more iPhone derived doesn't really matter.

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