Thursday, October 23, 2008

Taking My Daughter to Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson Concert

Last night when I was tuning up for practice at church the other guitarist, one of my kids' math teachers, said he admired my courage. He had heard that I was driving my daughter and one of her friends to the "Reba and Kelly" (last names are very uncool with Generation Y) concert in Minneapolis tomorrow. I don't know if he said that because he knows the concert isn't my cup of artificially sweetened cola or if he is imagining me gnawing my own leg off after the first two hours of the drive. He's had both of them in class and knows I'm facing long periods of them talking over each other non-stop and singing along with every song on their iPods.

My one condition for driving the 10+ hour round-trip was that I, and I alone, control the car stereo. I did make sure they have Y headphone adapter so they can listen to whatever they want together. And, thankfully, they both have good voices, especially my daughter.

I'm not going to the actual show, just making sure they get there and back safely. I took my older daughter and a friend to an Evanscence show last year and did go in. It was amazing! Even the opening bands [1][2] were good.

What makes me sad is knowing that I will be in Minneapolis, the city that gave us The Replacements, Lester Young, Information Society, Hüsker Dü (and Sugar & solo careers [1][2]), Low and The Plastic Constellations...not to mention Prince and his hangers-on. I will be there and I won't hear any live music. I'll get the girls where they need to be and watch a lot of cable in the hotel room. It will be a lot like staying home...only I'll be lonely for my wife and parking will suck.

So, if you live or are traveling somewhere that has live music this weekend, and you are free to go hear it, please do so. When you do lift a glass to the performers for me. I wish I could be there.

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karen said...

Bummer for you, but it really is awfully nice of you to do that for the girls.