Saturday, October 18, 2008

Newest MacBook rev lacks FireWire

I was never sure one FireWire port was enough, even on a non-pro laptop. When FireWire 800 rolled around I thought Apple was being slightly cheap only giving us one on the MacBook Pro (and briefly prior, the PowerBook) and leaving the consumer line with FireWire 400.

Now they have dropped FireWire entirely from the MacBook. The new MacBook Pro gets only one FireWire port. At least it's 800. Still, this isn't enough. Dell is now shipping laptops with FireWire and E-SATA. Has this ever happened before--Dell ahead of Apple on ports and connectivity?

Initially the only thing that bugged me about the new Apple's was the Mini DisplayPort, Apple's latest non-standard video connector [1][2]. Now I'm truly disapointed.

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