Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Feminist Underground

The Feminist Underground blog is cross-posting my How To Become A Male Feminist, In 40 Years Or Less. I mention this not only because I am slightly vain but because Feminist Underground is a very cool blog. You should read it even if you have only the most passing of interests in feminism or gender issues.

Thank you to Habladora for including me in Feminist Underground's "Feminists on Feminism" series.


Habladora said...

Cool, huh? Thanks! Oh, and thanks for letting us include your awesome post - I meant to tell you before, but my husband was very taken with it - I think it really spoke to his experiences.

DJ Dual Core said...

It makes sense that I'm not entirely unique.

What is sort of implied in what I wrote is that at any point I had the alternative of becoming defensive and angry. It is a lot easier to say people (feminists) are complaining about nothing than to admit you and people you identify with need to change.

If there is something common to men in general it is probably that we have all had to make that decision.

Hahn at Home said...

Thanks for the steer to the F.U. (no pun intended).

As usual, you surprised me with your candor in your piece.

DJ Dual Core said...

You are welcome.

Thank you. I didn't think of it as candid but I see what you mean. I try to respect my family's privacy but some of that stuff needed to be there to tell the story.