Monday, June 16, 2008

The Real Reason Women Leave Tech Jobs

A new article in Computerworld reports on a recent study that shows:

A) Women leave tech jobs in their 30's
B) It has little or nothing to do with family or parenting

The old saw about gender representation is certain jobs, pay discrepancies etc is that women are caregivers and they choose to let that interfere with their careers. This study shows that, in technology at least, this isn't true.

The real reason is that science and technology are a boy's club.

Read Why women quit technology careers (


Zen Master said...

Interesting article.

I left IT in my mid-20's because after 6 years in the field at the same place and 3 degrees (AA, AS, BS) I still wasn't getting paid nearly what I was supposed to and I was often doing the job my boss should have been doing while he was getting paid triple what I was and had no formal education or training.

There was never any money in the budget for them to pay me right or hire more people in my position since I was the only one and overworked to boot. They admitted that I should be making more, but as soon as I put in my resignation, they hired 3 people to replace me.

I left looking for something else in the tech field but inadvertently ended up becoming a caregiver to my quadriplegic husband after his mother just dropped him like a hot cake and then I inherited 5 kids.

My tech days are over. lol

Thanks for sharing such an interesting article.

DJ Dual Core said...

I am willing to bet they would not have so taken advantage of most men. I think there is an assumption that women will put up with being overworked and underpaid to a degree men will not.

Sorry to hear that is how things happened for you.