Monday, June 16, 2008

Defining Feminism

If you read my Feminism For Men post you know know I consider myself a feminist. You should also have some vague idea what I mean by "feminist." Habladora at Feminist Underground is calling for definitions of feminism from feminists to try to clarify what we are all about and to reclaim the word from those who have done such a good (evil?) job of defining it negatively these past couple of decades.

So, stop by The Feminist Underground, read Call for Submissions: Feminism Definitions and weigh in.


Habladora said...

Hey, DJ- thanks for sending people my way to add their two cents. I like what you've already written on this topic, " the core of feminism we find the idea that women, as a group, are treated unjustly relative to men and that this should change... You either believe that or you don't. If you do, you are are a feminist. If not, you are not." Would you mind if I use this among the list of definition I get, and link to your 'feminism for men' post?

DJ Dual Core said...

Please do! Thanks!