Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Dual Core Double Recursive/ Reflexive/ Regressive Personality Inventory

Truthfully answering the following questions may reveal what you think I might think
about you if I actually knew you and what you think, but probably not.

Follow this link and answer each question in order.


Hahn at Home said...

I'm sorry, I heartily disagree with you on 1. I thought Nebraska was pretentious and calculating.

I loved the raw, nearly-unproduced quality of Born to Run, but actually liked his first album best Greetings from Asbury Park, which was the last time he was pure.

DJ Dual Core said...

Isn't Nebraska even less produced than Born to Run? It was recorded on a 4-track cassette deck!

Hahn at Home said...

I didn't say it was produced, I said it was pretentious and calculated. ; )

DJ Dual Core said...

OK. I get it. A musician of his stature deliberately releasing an UNDER-PRODUCED album is pretentious. Ya, I can see that.

I still like it. The songwriting is fantastic.