Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Domestic Violence, Homophobia, etc.

I hate being beaten to the punch. On the other hand this totally props up something else I'm writing about.

The Women Of Esoterica blog just ran a piece deconstructing some hateful screed by a prick I'm not familiar with. What is cool about it, besides the fact that their deconstruction makes perfect sense, is that it ties together misogyny, opposition to feminism, homophobia and their political underpinnings. That list sounds like a generic A, B, C of what progressive people dislike about the far right but it is more than that. These hatreds and fears serve closely related political purposes and prop each other up in the minds of people who would otherwise follow their better angels.

If you have not read my Feminism For Men post, now would be a good time. More on the relationship between misogyny and homophobia when I finish writing it.

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