Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Never Did I Think I Would Be Defending McDonalds

In Red Hog Diary blog Chris reports that the American Family Association, a group I have been meaning to write more about, has started a letter campaign and boycott of McDonalds for joining the NGLCC.


Now, I seriously doubt that McDonalds gives a rat's ass about social justice. In fact, I hold a very dim view of them as a company and can think of several good reasons to boycott them. Being involved with a gay and lesbian business organization is not one of them. I think Americans who are LGBT should have equal access to nasty, unhealthy food and be as free as anyone else to do business with greedy, corrupt, amoral corporate giants.

*fade in horn music*

That is what America is all about.

*fade out horn music*

I also have to concur with Chris when he says "It is proponents of organizations such as American Family Association that give Christianity a bad name." Truer words were never spoken.


Anonymous said...

Hey DJ,
Thank you for the link. I was in the same boat defending McDonalds...WHAT? In fact I was taken to task by one of my conservative readers who could not believe that he was reading faint praise of corporate America on my site. So it goes. I think in the end what is sad is that a story like that makes news and suprises us and makes us stand up and praise a corporation for simply doing the right thing. Its a crazy world DJ. Thanks for stopping by.

DJ Dual Core said...

Thanks, Chris!

I've been meaning to write about the AFA and this just tells me the time has come. I have not followed them in recent years but I have some clear memories of them from the 90's that are worth commenting on.

So far as Mc$'s goes, you are right; they don't need, or maybe even deserve, any praise. It's just asinine to think they would be punished for joining a gay-friendly organization.