Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Good News About Mac Clone Maker PsyStar

Although I'm not ready to yell "Buy! Buy! Buy!" it does look like PsyStar is for real, not a hoax or scam. At least, they aren't making themselves scarce.

PCWorld.com (IDG) reports that they have seen PsyStar's new warehouse/office and it looks like a real, live place of business, if not one that is ready for prime time.


This explains a few things and not others.

PsyStar claims to be SHIPPING Open Computer units to the earliest buyers. I look forward to reading reviews of these. The ability to fulfill orders will quiet the doubts of people like myself who were put off by PsyStar's problems with their payment processor, multiple addresses and other news that made you go hmmmm last week.

If they can even ship a few hundred of these and the BUYERS don't get drug into court by Apple I'll be prepared to say that we have a new Mac clone era on our hands, regardless of what happens to PsyStar. On the other hand, if every human with a fingerprint on the Open Computer idea gets sued into the stone age I'm just going to be sad.

Not because Apple doesn't have a right to defend their patents and contracts but because this type of clone building should be allowed by Apple. This is a chance for Apple to find a creative, face-saving way to allow full versions of Leopard to be run on clones. They don't need to bless or endorse it. I just don't think they should stop it.

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